Why are users identified by the target site even if they use an HTTP proxy?

Many users choose to use HTTP proxy in order to hide their real IP address, so as to carry out crawler, questionnaire and other services. However, in the actual use process, many users often find that even if they have used HTTP proxy, they will still be identified and restricted by the target site.

So why is it recognized even when using an HTTP proxy? (http proxy)

Using HTTP proxies allows users to remain anonymous when visiting websites, but there are risks involved.

Sometimes, the site may recognize that the user is using a proxy and prohibit the user from accessing the site's resources.

First, a website might use IP address identification to detect if a user is using an HTTP proxy. If the website detects that the IP address is out of whack, it can tell that the user is using a proxy.

In addition, the website can detect information such as the user's browser and operating system, and if the user is using a different browser and operating system than usual, it can determine that the user is using an HTTP proxy.

A website can also use Cookie technology to detect whether a user is using an HTTP proxy. If the website finds that the user's Cookie information is different from the usual, it can conclude that the user is using an HTTP proxy.

In summary, it is possible to be identified using HTTP proxies, so users should try to remain anonymous when using HTTP proxies to avoid being identified by websites.


So what are the reasons for being identified? (http node proxy)

HTTP proxies are a common mode of network transport that helps users access content they were previously unable to access. However, using HTTP proxies can also be identified, and there are certain risks.

First, it is possible to be tracked by websites through HTTP proxies. Most websites have tracking systems that can identify if a user is using an HTTP proxy and can collect information about the user for advertising purposes.

Such tracking can compromise user privacy and may adversely affect user security.

Secondly, the use of HTTP proxy may be identified, there is a risk of rejection, the website can judge whether the user is using HTTP proxy, if found, it may reject the user's access request, in order to maintain the security of the website.

Finally, some websites may limit the number of times or time users can use the HTTP proxy. This is because some websites do not allow users to use the HTTP proxy in large amounts at once, in order to prevent excessive traffic to the website and thus affect the normal operation of the website.

In general, using HTTP proxies is also recognized, and there is a certain risk. Users can use HTTP proxies to access previously inaccessible content, but be careful not to abuse the HTTP proxy and cause unnecessary trouble.


The following points are recognized because of the HTTP proxy itself (anonymous proxy )

1.HTTP proxy servers are not encrypted: HTTP proxy servers are not encrypted, so their traffic can be observed on the network.

2.IP address leakage: If you use an HTTP proxy server for browsing, its IP address may be leaked.

3. Identify the HTTP header: Some websites check the HTTP request header to identify users who are using an HTTP proxy server.

4. Browsing behavior tracking: Browsing behavior using HTTP proxy servers may be tracked and thus identified.

5. Port scanning: Port scanning helps network administrators identify the users who use the HTTP proxy server.

6. Use a public HTTP proxy server: Using a public HTTP proxy server is likely to be recognized because it is likely to be heavily used and thus recognized.

7. Proxy IP is not a high anonymous proxy: When using common anonymous proxy, the website cannot detect the user's real IP, but can know that the user is using the proxy to access.

Only a true high-hiding agent can hide a user request completely. If the user is not using a high-hiding agent, it will inevitably be identified.

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