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    • $12/GB
    • $8.5 million+
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Application Scenarios

 SEO monitoring 

Use a proxy server as a bridge between search engines and devices to avoid access restrictions and gain insight into search trends in various regions of the industry at any time.A single IP address cannot complete these monitoring tasks. Naproxy helps you to monitor SERPs without being frozen.Through Naproxy , you can grab and view the description of the target keywords, page title and other information at will to help you maintain a higher ranking in the search engine through keyword research.

 Brand Protection 

Creating a brand requires a lot of time and money to prevent counterfeiting from damaging your brand image and interests.Using residential IP to access a large number of data resources can prevent malicious attacks and protect brand intellectual property rights.Use residential IP to collect brand infringements in different countries, break through geographical restrictions, and quickly collect evidence.


Use stable and reliable housing agents to quickly obtain the latest market data and provide scientific basis for enterprises to make market predictions and business decisions.Residential agents make data collection more efficient, save time and cost for enterprises, and focus on more creative work

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