What are Static Residential Proxies ?

The Static Residential Proxy Network is a proxy network with a large number of users that contains real IP addresses provided by an ISP. These IP addresses are attached to a physical location at the state or city level in the United States. Requests from static residential Proxyes stand out for their legitimacy and are charged based on the number of Proxyes, meaning there are no bandwidth limitations, enabling you to efficiently conduct your business online.

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Proxy4Free has a static residential IP pool with wide coverage, speed and stability in the industry, and all IPs are compliant. You can use these completely clean and compliant IPs to freely view the content of any geographically restricted website

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Proxy Service Application Scenarios

Easily set endpoints to prevent IP blocking and access local information, validate localized sites, conduct market research, or explore international competitors.

Why You Need Static Residential Proxies
  • Proxy4free
    More invisible

    Using Proxy4Free Residential Proxy can disguise you as a real user around the world, making you more invisible.

  • Proxy4free
    Fast link speed

    Links are rarely lost or time out when using residential proxies, ensuring that your online activity is always active and stable.

  • Proxy4free
    More secure

    Because residential IPs are real residential proxy IPs from all over the world, you will have more security when you do business, reducing the risk of blocking and so on.

  • Proxy4free
    Long proxy sessions

    Residential proxies have extra-long duration, so you can use the same proxy for a long time (up to 24 hours).

  • Proxy4free
    Bulk proxy

    You can extract multiple residential proxy IPs for use at the same time.

  • Proxy4free
    Dedicated IPs

    Each IP of Proxy4Free is for one person only, so there will not be multiple people using the same IP, reducing your business risk.

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