How do I change my phone's ip address to the United States?

What is the home of mobile IP

All Internet access devices are assigned an IP address, and each IP address has a home, that is, an IP territory. Simply put, if you are in Jiangsu, any information that happens to you will show that you are in Jiangsu, not Beijing.

Real-time display of the IP address of users is a powerful measure to strengthen the content ecological governance of network platforms, aiming at reducing bad behaviors such as impersonating the parties involved in hot events, malicious rumor mongering, network violence, traffic, "with rhythm", and helping netizens effectively distinguish the authenticity of network information.


It should be made clear that the IP territory information points to the location of the network access device rather than the location of the person. The display of the IP territory does not show the specific IP address, but provides a more three-dimensional reference dimension for people to browse the information.

In general, this move is conducive to further maintaining a healthy and orderly network atmosphere, and has an obvious promoting effect on protecting the legitimate rights and interests of users to obtain real and effective information in the first time.

So how do we (如何更改ip地址到美国)?

Here we will use (住宅住宅IP), using an overseas HTTP proxy to change the IP address.

Proxy IP is currently the most commonly used method to switch IP addresses, there are a large number of proxy IP service providers on the market, both free and need to pay to buy, generally free proxy IP service is not stable and more cumbersome to use, so it is recommended to use paid proxy IP.

Of course, there are other ways (换ip地址) :

1. Change the IP address of the ADSL dial

This method of changing IP addresses is actually the broadband dial-up we usually use. Each time we dial up, we get a different IP address. However, this method cannot be used for optical broadband. The disadvantage of this method is that it is not stable. Sometimes, you need to dial up multiple times to successfully change the IP address, which wastes a lot of time.

2. Switch the phone on airplane mode to change the ip address

If the phone turns on airplane mode and waits six seconds before turning off airplane mode, the IP will change. Users just need to search for "IP" in the search engine of their browser to see their changed IP address.


3. Restart the wifi router to change the IP address

Directly unplug the WIFI router and plug it in or open login (user name and password are usually admin) and click System Tool-Restart router.

4. Change the IP address of the virtual private network

The so-called virtual private network to change the IP address, is actually the use of a virtual private network to switch the user's IP address, this change of IP address, generally speaking, is the need for foreign or Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and other areas of the IP address of the user.

Smartproxy is an overseas HTTP proxy server provider, whose IP can accurately locate the city level and update the IP pool every month. With first-hand IP, SmartProxy serves in the field of big data acquisition and helps enterprises/individuals obtain data sources quickly and efficiently. It is really very cheap and affordable, but the speed is fast and stable.

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