How does this work?

It only takes 3 simple steps to start the recommendation

  • Proxy4free Registration

    Sign up for a free account without adding your billing details.

  • Proxy4free Post and share the link

    Get your tracking link and start sharing quickly. Embed your tracking link and promote Proxy4Free in your communications

  • Proxy4free Get paid

    When your friends register and recharge through your share, you will receive corresponding traffic rewards..

Why join the Proxy4Free Invitation Bonus Program?
  • Proxy4free Uncapped rebate reward

    Every time your friend recharges, you will receive a reward

  • Proxy4free No limit to the number of people invited

    The more friends you invite, the more traffic you receive

  • Proxy4free Real time settlement of rewards

    Settlement of commission rewards, instant sharing, instant rewards

Activity rules

1. For each successfully invited user's order, you will earn up to 10%.

2. It is forbidden to bid for the piaproxy trademark in paid search advertisements. We have the right to suspend any account that violates this provision.

3. If your invited user cancels the subscription or generates a refund during the commission period, the corresponding commission award will be cancelled immediately.

4. Invited users only support orders paid in virtual currency to participate in commission rebate.

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