How do I sign up for ChatGPT?

ChatGPT must be heard by many of you, whether it is insiders in the industry or people who have nothing to do with AI technology. Whether it is seen on the Internet or in various news, many people say that chatGPT has powerful functions. Compared with the "artificial intellectual disability" in the past, chatGPT can be said to be very powerful and intelligent. It works very well for the most part, although it is sometimes affected by Internet fluctuations and occasionally "retarded".

So how do I register for chatGPT? (What is chatGPT)

Registering chatGPT is not that simple;

First, the network requirements are particularly high, if the network delay is relatively high will appear this phenomenon; Open register directly, will be prompted to "OpenAl 's services are not available in your country." the solution is, Using overseas cloud server and IP proxy (proxy IP) to create a Windows server via the computer room in the United States, remote desktop connection, the whole process of operation and registration in the server, no problems! How to do that will be explained later.

Secondly, the verification and registration of mobile phone number. Since chatGPT is not open to China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Russia and other regions, obviously Chinese mobile phone number and Russian mobile phone number cannot be used, so it is recommended to get the UK Giffgaff entity number for free, so that you can receive the mobile phone verification code.


Successful registration will cost you $18 and a three-month trial period


If you want to use chatGPT for a long time, you need to attach an overseas credit card for renewal. Of course, credit card information is also not allowed to use local credit cards such as China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Russia. Otherwise, "Unfortunately we are unable to offer services to the country you specified.


If you have overseas credit card information, you only need to fill in the above can be completed, because there is no overseas credit card so here will not give you a demonstration, there is a more troublesome method is to get a virtual credit card payment in the United States, how to obtain this virtual credit card, you see, you can inquire.

In particular, it should be noted that if you use a credit card, there will be a hard limit on the amount of consumption every month. The default is 120 dollars per month. If the amount of consumption reaches this index, it will be suspended, and you need to submit a manual review form to apply for the limit height.


After all registration is completed, you can enter the open AI interface, and then you can use it normally


Enter the question directly in the input box to chat communication.

Let's take a couple of simple examples and see if it works. Okay? (chatGPT)

For example, the programmer who uses chatGPT the most can ask chatGPT to write code. Here I will ask chatGPT to help me with a simple line of code:Note: I'm using an older interface here and am not used to the chatGPT interface


(Please note that the Maximum length on the right should be increased, otherwise there will be a word limit, causing chatGPT to stop in the middle of a sentence)

See if it can be done, but programmers should not worry too much about whether the work will be replaced by artificial intelligence in the future, no matter how intelligent robots can understand the thinking logic of product managers, right? Ha ha ha, here to tease product managers.

Since chatGPT is an American product, if you want to ask questions in Chinese, you still need to ask chatGPT to answer me in Chinese first. Of course, if you want other languages, chatGPT can master languages of almost all countries in the world.

Let's ask chatGPT to query some data, etc. :

For example, I asked chatGPT to look up which apps American users use to listen to music a lot:



Is it easy to learn something you don't know? Since I don't have a good Internet connection, the questions are very simple. If you have a good Internet connection, you can ask yourself a more complicated question and chatGPT will be able to answer it effortlessly.


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