ChatGPT Why can't the Chinese IP address be used? How to solve it?

So why do I say chatGPT can't be used in China, as the title suggests? (chatgpt essay)

Here is chatGPT's own answer:


How can it be used in China? :

The simplest way is to use a VPN or an overseas cloud server with an IP proxy.

ChatGPT will not only answer your questions, but also help you solve your problems. As for why chatGPT cannot be used in China, in my opinion as a Chinese, it has the same meaning as YouTube, Facebook and other overseas products cannot be used in China, but one thing worth noting is that, Some overseas products only need overseas VPN to browse, but chatGPT does not. It will automatically detect IP addresses. If you find that you are currently using IP addresses in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Russia, the same cannot be used.


The following steps are how to use overseas cloud servers with overseas IP agents: (IP proxy)


Above is the method given by chatGPT, let's see how it works in practice:

Method of setting up ip agent for cloud server:

1. On the cloud server desktop, open the Internet properties of the computer.

2. Select LAN Settings under the Connection menu.

3. Select the proxy server option for the LAN.

4. Manually enter the IP address and port number.

5. Click OK to save the Settings.

Here is a demonstration of building for Chinese users:

First of all, I use Azure to build, how to get specific, direct search engine is good, here is not posted website, of course, azure is just as an example demonstration;

Creating a VM

Enter VM in the search box.

1. Under Services, select VMS.

2. On the VM page, click Create and select Azure VM. The Create VM page is displayed.

3. Under Instance Details, enter myVM as the VM name, and then select Windows Server 2019 Data Center-Gen 2 as the image. Leave the other defaults.

As shown in the picture below:


4. In Administrator Account, enter the user name (for example, azureuser) and password. The password must be at least 12 characters long and meet the defined complexity requirements.


5. Under Inbound Port Rules, select Allow Selected Ports, and then select RDP (3389) and HTTP (80) from the drop-down list.


6. Leave the rest of the defaults and select the View + Create button at the bottom of the page.

7. Click Create after verification;

Connect to a VM

Create a remote desktop connection to a VM. These instructions indicate how to connect to a VM from a Windows computer. On a Mac, you need an RDP client, such as the remote desktop client provided by the Mac App Store.

On the VM overview page, click Connect RDP.

In the Connect with RDP TAB, leave the default option, connect through the port using the IP address obtained from the IP proxy, and then click Download RDP File.

Open the downloaded RDP file, then click Connect when prompted.

In the Windows Security window, select More Choices and then Use another account. Enter the username in localhostusername, enter the password created for the VM, and click OK.

How to extract IP addresses and ports in IP proxy?

Log in to official website (traffic will be sent after registration and authentication here, which can be used as a test).


After logging in, click API Extract

(Before obtaining API, you need to add the account and IP through authentication account or whitelist IP management, and the password of the account can be used as the account secret mode)


Select the extraction quantity and region, click Generate API link, click Open API link and select Copy to use, (save here)


Very simple operation, the specific cloud server how to obtain, this needs to see you see the financial resources and ability, is nothing more than to buy their own cloud server, or build their own server.

How to use chatGPT in China is not only explained by me, but also provided by chatGPT's own professional answers and tutorials. I think you all know how to use chatGPT. Yes, if you want to use chatGPT normally, you must have other overseas IP agents. If you use a free or poor quality IP proxy, your real IP address will be leaked, and the stealth of the IP proxy used is not strong, chatGPT can detect you are using the IP proxy to access chatGPT, so it will be disabled.

So how to choose a good IP agent? (HTTP proxy)

Hey, hey! Let's let chatGPT answer for me:


Is it very detailed? Even if Xiaobian, I can't say so complete, and if Xiaobian itself to collect on the network, it will take a lot of effort to complete the collection. Having chatGPT really helped me a lot.

Well, that's it for today's post sharing. If you want to know more about chatGPT or IP proxy, please follow my subsequent or past posts.

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