How to use AdsPower

How to use AdsPower


Step 1

Configure the proxy

Step 2

Download and install AdsPower


Step 3

Add proxy settings

Open AdsPower > Account Management > Import > Fill in Account Information > Proxy type=Socks5 > Proxy Host,Proxy Port=local IP,Port > Check Proxy > OK

1. Open AdsPower, first enter the account management page, click Single Import.


2. Fill in the account platform, name and other information.


3. Click "Proxy Type" and select SOCKS5.

4. Fill in the proxy host address and proxy port.

5. Click "Detect Proxy" to test whether the proxy information is entered correctly.


6. Click "OK".

7. On the newly created account platform, click "Open" to launch the browser

8. The IP address you obtained will be displayed on the startup browser.

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