What are the reasons why users are still identified after using proxy IP

2023-07-20 10:26

With the increasing complexity of the network environment and the increasingly strict restrictions on crawler and other activities on websites, many users begin to use proxy IP to protect their real IP addresses, so as to carry out crawler and questionnaire services. However, in actual use, many users find that even if they use proxy IP, it will still be recognized and restricted by the target site. This happens not because of the proxy IP itself, but because of a variety of reasons. The following will explore in detail some of the main reasons why users are still identified after using proxy IP:

1, the use of server IP as a proxy IP: the use of server IP as a proxy IP is a common situation, especially some agent providers in order to prevent account association and ensure the stability of the agent service, will purchase cloud servers to build proxy services. While this practice does improve the quality and availability of agents to some extent, there are some potential problems.


First, the IP range of a cloud server is different from the IP range of a user's home broadband. For some site servers with countermeasures, these specific cloud server IP ranges may be considered proxy IP and restricted. This is because some sites may filter a large number of requests from cloud server IP as proxy access, thus blocking those IP, resulting in users still being identified and restricted while using the proxy IP.

Second, because some proxy providers share a large number of users on the same cloud server, these shared IP addresses can be used by multiple users at the same time. If one of the users acts improperly, such as involving illegal behavior or malicious crawling of the website, then all the shared IP on the entire cloud server may be implicated, resulting in other users' proxy IP is also affected, or even restricted.

In addition, some sites will conduct stricter checks on requests from cloud servers, such as increasing capTCHA verification, frequency restrictions, etc., to prevent the abuse of proxy IP. These additional verification measures may affect the user's crawling efficiency and experience.

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To avoid being restricted due to the use of server IP as a proxy IP, users can consider choosing other types of proxy IP, such as high-hiding proxy IP, which are better able to hide the user's real IP address and thus reduce the risk of being identified. At the same time, it is also very important to choose a reliable agent supplier, so as to ensure the quality and stability of the proxy IP, and reduce the possibility of being restricted. Taking into account the type of proxy IP, the reputation of the supplier and the quality of the IP, users can better protect their privacy and data security, and smoothly carry out crawling and other business activities.

2, proxy IP non-high-hiding proxy: proxy IP is generally divided into transparent proxy, ordinary anonymous proxy and high-hiding proxy. When using a transparent proxy, a website can detect both the proxy IP and the user's real IP. With a normal anonymous proxy, the website cannot detect the user's real IP, but it can know that the user is using the proxy to visit. Only a true secret agent can fully protect the privacy requested by the user. If the proxy IP used by the user is not a high hidden proxy, it will inevitably be identified.

3, the service provider IP pool quality is poor: some users in order to cheap or do not understand the proxy IP market, choose to use some free proxy IP or poor quality proxy IP service providers. However, the IP pool quality of these agent service providers is usually low, the IP usage is low, and the proxy speed is slow, which is not conducive to the development of business. When the user uses this kind of proxy IP, it is easy to be detected by the target site, and thus be identified and restricted.

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4. Unreasonable IP usage mode: Some users do not properly manage the IP usage mode when using proxy IP. For example, frequently making a large number of requests in a short period of time, or using a large number of proxy IP addresses for access in the same period of time, such behavior is easily recognized by the target site as an abnormal access pattern, resulting in the user being restricted.

Counter measures of proxy IP: Some websites have taken a series of counter measures against the use of proxy IP, such as manual identification, verification code verification, setting up access frequency limits, etc. These measures make it difficult to completely avoid being identified even if high-quality proxy IP is used.

In summary, the reasons that cause the user to be identified after using the proxy IP include the use of the server IP as the proxy IP, the proxy IP is not high, the quality of the service provider IP pool is poor, the IP usage pattern is unreasonable, and the target site's countermeasures against the proxy IP. In order to avoid being identified and restricted, users should carefully consider the reputation and IP quality of the supplier when selecting the proxy IP, and reasonably plan the use mode to ensure the efficient and stable operation of the proxy IP.

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