Advantages and disadvantages of shared agents

2023-08-08 09:35

In the network world, shared proxy is a common proxy method that allows multiple users to use the same proxy server to access the Internet. Although sharing agents can provide users with some convenience, there are also some advantages and disadvantages that cannot be ignored. This article will delve into the pros and cons of shared agents to help you better understand the factors you need to weigh when choosing an agent.


First, the advantages of sharing agents


The main advantage of a shared agent over a private agent is its lower cost. Because multiple agent users share the cost of maintaining the agent, the price of a shared agent is relatively economical. For individual users and small teams with limited budgets, shared agents can be a cost-effective option.

Second, the disadvantages of sharing agents

1. The speed is slow

One of the obvious disadvantages of shared agents is that they are slow. This is due to multiple users sharing a connection to the same proxy server. In a shared proxy, the bandwidth and resources of the proxy server are used by multiple users at the same time, which causes each user's connection speed to decrease. Especially during peak hours, when many users access the proxy server at the same time, the Internet speed of the shared proxy may be more affected, further degrading the user's network experience.

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Sharing bandwidth causes the speed to slow down

The speed problem of the sharing agent is mainly due to the sharing of bandwidth. Because multiple users share the bandwidth resources of the same proxy server, the proxy server needs to allocate bandwidth to each user. This means that less bandwidth resources are available to each user, which affects their connection speed. During busy hours, many users may compete for limited bandwidth resources at the same time, resulting in even slower speeds.

The effect was more pronounced during peak hours

During peak hours, the speed problem of the shared agent may be more pronounced. During this time, many users are using proxy servers at the same time, increasing the demand for bandwidth. Due to limited resources, each user's bandwidth and connection speed may be limited. This will cause users to experience slower network connection speeds when using shared agents during peak hours, which will affect the efficiency of their operations on the Internet.

2. IP is easier to block

Due to the large number of users sharing the proxy service, the IP address of the proxy server is easily recognized by various websites and quickly added to the blocked list. The consequence of this phenomenon is that if a specific website blocks the shared proxy server, then all users of the shared proxy will be affected and will not be able to access the blocked website. In this case, the sharing agent may restrict the user's free access on the Internet.

The possibility that the IP address is blocked

The large number of users of shared proxies results in proxy server IP addresses being frequently monitored and detected by multiple websites. If a site finds that the IP of a sharing agent is being used for malicious behavior, mass access, or other violations, the site may put those IP addresses on a blocked list to block access to the IP addresses in question. Once the IP of a shared agent is blocked, all users using those IP will be affected.

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The user access experience is affected

Blocked IP addresses affect user access experience. If a user needs to access a blocked website, they will experience limited access or an inability to connect. This may limit a user's ability to access certain information, use certain services, or perform certain actions, thereby affecting their activities on the Internet. For both individual users and businesses, this can bring a host of inconveniences and challenges.

3. Easily influenced by other users

When using a shared proxy, your connection and data may be affected by other users using the same proxy server. If other users engage in malicious activities on the same proxy IP, such as crawling, spam, etc., it may cause the proxy IP to be blocked, which will affect your normal network activities. In addition, heavy traffic requests from other users may affect the speed and stability of your connection.

As a common proxy, shared agent has its unique advantages and disadvantages. The low price is one of its biggest advantages and is suitable for users with limited budgets. However, disadvantages such as slower speeds, IP being easily blocked, and being susceptible to other users also need to be considered. When choosing a proxy method, users need to weigh different factors according to their own needs and situations to find the most suitable proxy scheme for themselves. No matter which proxy method you choose, you should achieve a smoother network experience while ensuring security and stability.

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