What methods can be used to verify the proxy IP

After the user obtains the proxy IP through the paid or free way, it often needs to be verified before it can be really used. In the chaotic background of agent market, the guarantee of agent IP quality becomes particularly important. This article will cover three effective ways to verify proxy IP, so that you can choose and use proxy IP more confidently.

1, online IP detection website

The online IP Detection website is a simple and intuitive way to see if your IP address and location have changed. When you use a proxy IP, you can quickly see if the proxy is in effect by opening an IP detection website or searching for the keyword "IP", along with your IP location and the name of your Internet service provider (ISP). While this is a quick initial check method, it does not provide more in-depth proxy IP verification information.

While an online IP detection site can display IP address and location information, it can't directly tell if you're using a proxy. The proxy server hides your real IP address and replaces it with the IP address of the proxy server. Therefore, when you visit the online IP detection website, it can only show the IP address and location of the proxy server you are connected to, not your real IP address. This is why online IP detection sites cannot directly verify proxy IP.


In addition, while online IP detection websites can display the name of the ISP, this does not fully ensure the validity of the proxy IP. Some proxy servers come from a wide range of Internet service providers, rather than a specific ISP, so it is impossible to accurately determine whether the proxy IP is trusted.

To deeply verify the validity and availability of proxy IP, you need to use other, more specialized proxy verification methods. For example, a proxy verification tool or service can be used to test whether a proxy can access a particular website by sending a request to the target website. This ensures that the proxy IP can not only hide your real IP address, but also successfully access the target website, ensuring the quality and stability of the proxy IP.

2. Use FOGLDN agent detection tool

FOGLDN Proxy Tester is a popular free proxy detection tool that checks if the proxy IP is appropriate for a particular website. The tool can also show how long it takes to connect, which is critical for testing that speed is mission-critical, especially for application scenarios that require high-speed agents, such as sneaker agents. Using the FOGLDN Proxy check tool, you can quickly check the validity and stability of the proxy IP.

3. Learn IP information through the IP database

Some good IP databases require a fee, but others offer a free IP check service, although the free service may have limitations. For example, the IP2Location database allows a certain number of IP addresses to be checked for free per day (more may be available after registration), which is a good choice. With the IP database, you can learn more about proxy IP, such as geographic location, network operator, etc., to better understand the source and trustworthiness of the proxy.

When verifying the proxy IP, note the following:

Verification frequency: The proxy IP address should be verified at a moderate frequency to avoid IP blocking or server aversion due to excessive verification.

Diversity verification: Use different verification methods and tools to comprehensively consider the stability and availability of proxy IP to ensure proxy quality.

Update the proxy IP address: Update the proxy IP address list regularly to avoid using outdated or expired proxies.

In summary, verifying proxy IP is a key step to ensure proxy quality, helping users avoid using unstable or low-quality proxy IP. Through methods such as online IP detection websites, FOGLDN proxy detection tools, and IP databases, users can more confidently select and use proxy IP, improving the efficiency and stability of crawlers, data acquisition, and other related applications.

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