Overseas SOCKS5 agent practical operation build demonstration

SOCKS代理SOCKS5 proxy is one of the common proxy protocols. It supports TCP proxy, UDP proxy, and IPV6 proxy. Unlike the HTTP/HTTPS proxy, the SOCKS5 proxy does not care about the application protocol of the transmitted information, and focuses only on the transmission of data packets. So how do we set up the socks5 agent?

First of all, what is the overseas socks5 agent?


SOCKS is a network transmission protocol used for intermediate communication between the client and the extranet server. SOCKS is short for Sockets.

When the client behind the firewall wants to access the external server, it connects to the(SOCKS代理SOCKS proxy server. The proxy server controls the client's access to the Internet and, if allowed, sends the client's requests to an external server. This protocol was originally developed by David Koblas and then expanded to version 4 by Ying-Da Lee at NEC.

The latest protocol is version 5. Compared with the previous version, the protocol supports UDP, authentication, and IPv6. According to the OSI model, SOCKS is a protocol at the session layer, which is located between the presentation layer and the transport layer.

Requirements for building(SOCKS代理SOCKS5 proxy:

1. The VSP server and client must be connected to the Internet.

2. Router does port mapping (skip this step if there is no router);

3. Close the firewall;

4. Close the anti-virus software;

5. Turn off the gas guard.

l socks5 working process:

l need to the agent server requesting information;

l the agent reply;

l need the agent to send to the agent after receiving reply send destination IP and port;

l agent are connected to the purpose;

l representative will need information from the agent to the purpose, will be issued to party information to need the agent, the agent.

Practical operation construction:


Support system

Debian7+ Ubuntu14.04+ Center 6+

Cloud server support

Single-ip cloud host VPS server Multi-IP dial-up VPS server


Download script

wget --no-check-certificate https://raw.github.com/Lozy/danted/master/install.sh -O install.sh

Installation script

bash install.sh --port= port --user= user name --passwd= password

Modify the port user name and password, paste it into SSH, and install it.

When Dante Server Install Successfuly is displayed, the installation is successful.

If the connection fails after installation, check whether the port has been allowed.

Note: After the installation is complete, the internal IP address is displayed. In actual use, the external IP address is required.


Generally, you can use the IP address and user name and password

If a fixed IP address or IP address segment is required, you can modify the configuration file to set the whitelist

vi /etc/danted/sockd.conf

Change the following code to the whitelisted IP address or IP segment you want to set, then restart to make it work;

client pass {from: to:} Client pass {from: to:}


bash install.sh --uninstall



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