How to select an Australian node when there is an Australian business requirement?

When we do cross-border e-commerce, it is not only the United States, South Korea and Japan, but also the global business if we want to achieve higher sales. Now Amazon is also building global stores. For example, sometimes we need to do business in Australia or book hotels in travel guide, so how should we obtain IP agents for (澳大利亚节点Australian nodes?


First of all, we need to distinguish between the (澳大利亚节点Australian node is also divided into residential IP agents and data centers

The residential IP address is the IP address assigned by the carrier to an individual user or a family residence. A residential agent IP is a real IP address attached to a real physical location that allows a user to connect to the Internet through a real IP address in the target area.

Data center IP, also known as room IP, is a data center formed by a large number of servers in the room, unlike residential agents routing requests through devices that use IP addresses owned and assigned by ISPs. The data center agent IP address is obtained from the data center room.

From the connection speed of the agent, the data center agent is far better than the residential agent, because the IP of the data center agent is located in the data center room, with relatively hard equipment, and the source of the residential agent IP is generally real family residence, there is no relatively perfect hardware equipment.

From the point of concealment of proxy IP, both data center agent and residential agent can better hide the real IP address, but it should be noted that the IP address from the data center will have a certain identity, for a relatively complete website, it is easy to identify the data center proxy IP. Relatively speaking, the housing agent can hide the real IP address from being easily identified.

From a stability perspective, a residential agent is less stable than a data center because the infrastructure and hardware provided by a residential agent are of poorer quality than in a data center.

In terms of coverage, because the location of the data center is fixed, it is not possible to provide proxies in multiple regions. And residential agents can provide a variety of quality environment, users can choose a wider range.


From the price point of view, the price of the data center agent is generally relatively low, because the IP resources of the residential agent IP are from the room, and usually can be shared between multiple users, the cost of hardware facilities in the allocation of many users, naturally will reduce a lot. So comparatively speaking, the price of residential agent will be higher than that of data center agent.

Beware of data centers, which are often free but always unreliable, and where your personal information can be misused by hackers while surfing the Internet over public IP.

Also, Internet connections in data centers are slow, and data centers often determine the types of ads you see when you browse them.

Finally, you won't be able to perform web crawls because your target site will recognize the data center and show you fake data or be blocked.

On the other hand, when getting your own private and fast Australian agent, you'll never want to give up using it, and you'll get used to the reliable connection, incredible security, and short response times it provides.

You can find many agents online by searching the Internet. First you need to know if each agent provides an(澳大利亚节点) Australian node IP, and then you need to know the IP quality of each agent.

IP quality is mainly reflected in whether the number of IP, IP agent speed and stability, after-sales service is perfect...... See if it meets your business needs.

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