How to set Static Proxy on Android Phone?

Many people now use proxy IP in their phones, changing network IP addresses to address IP limitations, or changing network state to speed up data transfer and reduce network latency.

This shows that mobile proxy IP has a lot of uses, but what about static proxy on Android phones(set Static Proxy on Android Phone)? IP address and port can be used for mobile proxy IP purposes? Let's talk more about how Android phones set up overseas HTTP proxy.

First of all, I need to prepare proxy software(proxy software) to provide static proxy IP. After purchasing IP from a paid proxy IP service provider such as proxy4free, you can log in the account from the background and generate API interface. After connecting, you can call API interface to extract IP, so that we can continue the follow-up work.


If you want to set a specific IP address, such as US node(US node), then we need to buy a static IP proxy in the United States from the IP service provider proxy4free, and extract authorization to use, and then we test whether the extracted US IP proxy(US IP proxy) is available in the simplest way, we use the simplest way to verify whether the IP address is available. Use qq verification, open the qq login interface - click the upper right corner setting - Fill in proxy mode - fill in proxy mode IP Click verification address and port.

Close qq software, open qq again, friends show IPqq software to see is the US IP address, so your real IP address is hidden!! You can tell your friends that you are traveling in America.

So how do you change an entire phone to an overseas phone IP address?

First of all, we should change the mobile phone system to English version, cookie should also be cleaned, domestic mobile phone SIM card out, the following can be set.

1. WLAN in mobile Settings

2. Find WiFi to find network details or more options

3. Find DHCP in Settings

4. Select the IP proxy option and modify the Settings


There are other ways to proxy IP in mobile phones(set Static Proxy on Android Phone):

1. Create a local IP address pool for free use

Generally speaking, API interfaces obtained by direct IP service providers cannot extract IP addresses effectively. Therefore, some qualified users can extract IP addresses of these service providers through programs and put them into the local IP pool after verification. When using them, they can freely use them without extraction restrictions.

2. Invoke the interface directly through the API

After purchasing IP from paid proxy IP service providers such as proxy4free, you can log in the account from the background. After generating API connection, you can invoke API interface to extract IP. However, this method is also restricted by extraction rules.

3. Use dynamic sharing for automatic switchover

Users can set their IP addresses and IP ports as proxy servers, and then implement IP proxy through dynamic sharing. This frees up the client and automatically invokes the IP translation to the new IP through the API each time the request is completed.

Of course, it can also be used by the PC terminal. The mobile terminal has some requirements, but more is still the PC end.

Last but not least, proxy4free is an overseas HTTP proxy server provider whose IP can accurately locate the city level and update the IP pool every month. It serves the field of big data collection and helps enterprises/individuals obtain data sources quickly and efficiently, which is really very cheap and affordable. It's just fast and steady.

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