Why are proxy IP addresses sometimes unavailable?

In today's Internet age, more and more people choose to use proxy IP to protect their privacy, achieve secure access to real IP addresses, or speed up access. However, in the actual use of the process, many people find that sometimes the obtained proxy IP cannot be used, unable to connect to the network, causing problems.

What is the cause of this situation?

1. Whether it is invalid

Proxy IP, as a resource, usually has a validity limit. Different proxy service providers will set the validity period of the proxy IP according to their own policies, some longer, may be a few hours or even a few days, and some shorter, may only be a few minutes or hours. When the obtained proxy IP exceeds its expiration date, it becomes unusable, and thus cannot connect to the network or access the target website.

Solution: In order to ensure the validity and stability of the proxy IP, users need to check the validity of the proxy IP periodically. This can be done in the following ways:

Record the validity period of the proxy IP address: When obtaining the proxy IP address, record its validity period in a timely manner and set a reminder or scheduled task to track the expiration time of the proxy IP address.

Use a reliable proxy service provider: Choose a reputable proxy service provider, which usually offers a longer term proxy IP with a renewal or renewal mechanism in place.

Automatically update the proxy IP address: If conditions permit, you can use the tool or script that automatically updates the proxy IP address to ensure that the obtained proxy IP address is always valid.

Rotate the proxy IP pool: Rotate multiple proxy IP addresses so that if one proxy IP address fails, there are other proxy IP addresses available.


When the proxy IP address becomes invalid, you can replace it with another valid proxy IP address to ensure normal access. Selecting a reliable proxy service provider and checking and managing the validity of the proxy IP are crucial to ensuring the availability and stability of the proxy IP. Only by ensuring that the proxy IP is within the validity period, users can successfully achieve data collection, access acceleration and other goals, and get a good network experience.

2. Whether it is authorized

Most of today's high-quality proxy IP requires authorization to use. This may include binding IP whitelists or using account and password authentication. If the IP whitelist bound to the proxy IP address is incorrect or changed, the Internet cannot be connected. Similarly, if the account password authorization is not verified or the account password is incorrect, the network cannot be connected and the proxy IP address cannot be used.

Solution: Ensure that you obtain the correct authorization, add your IP address to the whitelist of the proxy IP service provider, and ensure that you enter the correct account password to ensure the normal use of the proxy IP address.

3. Whether it is restricted

Sometimes the proxy IP can connect normally, can access other websites, but can not access the specific target website, it is likely that the proxy IP is restricted. This limitation may be because the frequency of visiting a website is too fast, too many times, and is restricted by the website; Or the target website has set specific access restrictions, causing the proxy IP to be inaccessible.

Solution: When the proxy IP is restricted, you can try to adjust the frequency of visits or reduce the number of visits to circumvent the restrictions of the website. In addition, choosing more proxy IP addresses to use in turn can spread the access pressure and increase the probability of successful access.

In summary, proxy IP may sometimes be unavailable for reasons such as invalid proxy IP, not authorized, or restricted. To ensure the validity and stability of proxy IP addresses, users need to periodically check the validity of proxy IP addresses to ensure that they have obtained correct authorization, and flexibly adjust access policies to avoid being restricted by websites. Only by using proxy IP properly can users make full use of its advantages to achieve secure and efficient Internet access and data collection goals.

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