What does native IP node mean? What's the difference with socks5?

What do we want (节点是什么) before we understand these two proxy nodes?

First, in a telecommunications network, a node is a point of connection. Represents a redistribution point or a communication endpoint. The definition of a node depends on the network and protocol layers mentioned. A physical network node is an active electronic device connected to a network. Messages can be sent, received, or forwarded over communication channels. So, a passive distribution point is not a node. In network theory, or graph theory, the term node refers to a point in a network topology where lines meet or branch.


What is (原生IP节点)? Many foreign trade customers sometimes need native IP node servers because of business needs.

So what is a native IP node?

Native IP node server refers to the IP registered address and VPS server room is located in the same area of the IP, on the contrary, non-native IP node refers to the IP registered address and VPS room location is inconsistent with the IP, that is, the IP is often said to be broadcast in the past, the following Xiaobian specific introduction of the two.

I see a lot of people ask are there any local native IP node servers? How to determine whether your server is a native IP node? This article describes what is a native IP node, what is a non-native IP node, that is, a broadcast IP address can also be called a room IP address, and share some common methods to distinguish native and non-native IP nodes.

A native IP node is an IP address whose registered IP address is the same as the area where the VPS room is located. On the contrary, a non-native IP node is an IP address whose registered IP address is different from the area where the VPS room is located. In other words, the IP address is broadcast.

1. Native IP node (Local IP address)

It is a local native IP node provided by the local ISP. It is 100% local and has a relatively high price. It can be recognized by the service or game in the restricted area.

2. Broadcast IP address (native IP node, international IP address)

If the IP address is not the local IP address, the IP address of other international areas is allocated to the available area through broadcasting. The price is affordable and the network experience is the same as that of the local IP address.


What is (socks5节点)? The socks5 proxy looks complicated, but in fact, it's just one of the proxy IP's, and one of the most popular.

SOCKS5 is a proxy protocol that mediates between front-end machines and servers that communicate using the TCP/IP protocol. The front end of the internal network can access the Internet server, making communication more secure.

The SOCKS5 server simulates the behavior of the front end by forwarding the request sent by the front end to the real target server. Here, the front end and SOCKS5 also communicate through TCP/IP. The front end sends the request originally intended for the real server to the SOCKS5 server. The SOCKS5 server then forwards the request to the real server.

In the process of sending communication requests to the real server, the SOCKS5 server does not change the request packet itself. After receiving the response from the real server, the SOCKS5 server originally forwards it to the front end.

SOCKS applies to the session layer and provides security services between the session layers, which is not affected by changes in upper-layer applications.

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