What are the exclusive IP addresses in overseas HTTP proxies? What's the difference with shared IP?

In the era of the Internet, the development momentum of overseas agent IP is becoming more and more rapid with the universality of Internet marketing. If many businesses want to carry out smoothly, they cannot do without overseas IP agent, such as overseas marketing promotion, cross-border e-commerce operation, data capture, overseas questionnaire survey, etc. Now agents have launched various agent methods in the market according to the different needs of users. However, it can be regarded as two kinds of (独享IPexclusive IP proxy and shared IP proxy.


Shared IP proxy, as its name, is used by many people together, so the shared IP will not access your website, need to bind the domain name to the shared IP, browse through the domain name, domain name bound to the shared IP, if one of the personal website is reduced rights, blocked IP, etc., it may affect you.

Exclusive IP refers to the independent IP you use, (独享IPexclusive IP can access the Internet directly through the IP, there is no risk of being involved, support domain name direct pan-resolution to the independent IP, it is a fixed IP address, in many places are more convenient than the shared IP.

What's the difference?

1. Direct access using IP address: Independent IP addresses can be directly accessed using IP addresses, but shared IP addresses cannot be accessed using IP addresses. If an independent IP address is accessed, an error message is displayed.

2. Security risks: The shared IP is vulnerable to external network attacks, and the problem of one website will spread to other sites, while the independent IP will not be affected by such joint problems.

3. Differences in domain name binding: Independent IP addresses can implement universal domain name binding, but shared IP addresses cannot implement universal domain name binding.

4. Different pricing: Because the security factor of using exclusive lP is higher than the privacy of shared resource lP, the price of using exclusive LP is higher than that of shared resource.

What are the advantages of (独享IPexclusive IP proxy?

An exclusive IP address is used exclusively by one user and is not affected by other users' websites. This ensures higher security.

In addition, the exclusive ip agent is selected to achieve real monopoly, without sharing problems, independent background management, flexible node addition, free ip aging control, speed stability, and 24-hour maintenance of the IP pool by technicians.

Although a stand-alone ip is more expensive than a regular ip, it is suitable for users who want security.

What are the differences between exclusive IP and shared IP in terms of usage?


Let's take a quick example here

One: for the virtual host

Shared IP proxy: Simple understanding is the same host used by the website is a common IP address, at the same time this host IP address can not access their own website.

Exclusive IP proxy: Compared with the shared IP address, a website has only one IP address. The website can be directly accessed through the IP address.

Two: users and security

Shared IP proxy: The IP proxy is the same as the preceding description. If an IP address is shared, other IP addresses using the shared IP address will be affected. Therefore, the IP proxy is not suitable for large companies.

Exclusive IP proxy: a person using IP alone, security naturally need not say much, will not be affected by other users, exclusive IP can directly access the target site or business through IP, can support the domain name directly resolved to the exclusive IP.

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