Why choose an overseas HTTP proxy with many IP nodes? What's the difference?

At present, there are more and more agent IP service providers on the market, and each service provider will advertise the advantages of their own products for users to choose, and almost high-quality agent IP service providers will mark their agent IP city node number, so what are the benefits of more agent(IP节点 IP nodes?

1. Reduce risk.

The more abundant the regional nodes of the proxy ip, the less risky it is. If you use a proxy ip for only one node, it means that the ip addresses used are all from the same region. If you use a local ip to visit the target site every day, even if the request strategy is perfect, the program runs more efficient, but so frequent and intensive visits, will be easily discovered by the target administrator. If change to the ip across the country to visit the irregular, then the chance of being blocked is very small.


2, reduce the repetition rate.

Rich proxy(IP节点) ip nodes represent rich ip resources, so when the crawler extracts ip, the repetition rate will be reduced to a large extent, and the working efficiency of the crawler will be greatly improved.

3. Increase selectivity.

Many services need to specify the ip of the city. The service providers with rich ip nodes can specify the service providers according to their own business needs, greatly increasing the electability. If there are few(IP节点 ip nodes, many services may not be able to proceed smoothly.

Therefore, when choosing the proxy ip, we must choose the service provider with more ip nodes, so as to ensure that the work is better and more smoothly completed.

What is the effect of the node on the proxy IP?

1. The more proxy IP nodes, the lower the repetition rate.

The global IPv4 network is very limited, so is the domestic IPv4 network, and each region has more limited IPv4 network. The more proxy IP nodes and the wider the distribution area, the lower the IP repetition rate. The fewer proxy IP nodes there are, the higher the IP duplication rate in a region.

2. The more proxy(IP节点) IP nodes, the stronger the power of the supplier.

The choice of proxy IP not only depends on the quality and price of IP, but also depends on the strength of the supplier. The more proxy IP nodes, the greater the cost of input, the stronger the strength of the service side, so the service he provides is relatively more secure.

3. The more proxy IP nodes you have, the more options you have.

IP nodes are located all over the country, so there are many regions to choose from. Sometimes you just need to go to one area of the agent, but the need is not static, if not many nodes, may not be able to meet your needs.


4, the more proxy IP nodes, the higher the success rate of service processing.

Generally speaking, a website has users all over the country. If you want to use proxy IP to simulate actual user access, only in some specific areas, it is easy to be identified by the website; And more regions are not easy to identify, business success rate is higher.

Smartproxy is an overseas HTTP proxy server provider, whose IP can accurately locate the city level and update the IP pool every month. With first-hand IP, SmartProxy serves in the field of big data acquisition and helps enterprises/individuals obtain data sources quickly and efficiently. It is really very cheap and affordable, but the speed is fast and stable.

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