Terms of Service

This agreement is a contract between you and Proxy4Free related matters, please read this Terms of Service carefully. After you click "Agree and Continue", this Agreement constitutes a legal document binding both parties.

Article 1 User registration

1. User registration is a process in which users log in to Proxy4Free, fill in the relevant information as required, and confirm their agreement to this service agreement.

2. Proxy4Free users must be natural persons with full capacity for civil conduct.

3. Once this product is sold, no refund will be given.

Article 2 User's account, password and security

1. Once the user has successfully registered, he will become a legal user of this site. Proxy4Free will be solely responsible for username and password security. In addition, each user is solely responsible for all activities and events conducted under their username. If the user finds any illegal use of the user account or the existence of security loopholes, please notify this site immediately.

2. You fully understand that this product starts to provide you with services, and once paid, it will not be refunded or changed.

2.1 You understand and agree that Proxy4Free will provide you with services based on the information you have collected, and will analyze and process the information you have collected accordingly.

2.2 You are responsible for the integrity and confidentiality of the data you store on the Proxy4Free platform and the information you enter and manage on the Proxy4Free platform. All losses and consequences caused by the loss or leakage of information due to your improper maintenance or improper confidentiality shall be borne by you.

2.3 All losses and consequences caused by your negligence, misoperation or operations authorized by you to Proxy4Free shall be borne by you.

2.4 The Proxy4Free announcement will release Proxy4Free 's maintenance and upgrade operations for the application from time to time. You will be responsible for all losses and consequences caused by failure or data loss due to your neglect of reminders or forcible operations.

2.5 You should ensure that your use of this service complies with the requirements of laws and regulations. Proxy4Free only provides you with standard services in accordance with your instructions, and is not responsible for the legal compliance of your use of this service.

Article 3 Users perform their obligations according to law

This agreement is formulated in accordance with the relevant national laws and regulations, and the user agrees to strictly abide by the following obligations:

(1) Do not transmit or publish: speeches that incite resistance, undermine the implementation of the Constitution, laws, and administrative regulations, incite subversion of state power, overthrow the social righteous system, inciting speeches to split the country, undermine national unity, incite ethnic hatred, Remarks that discriminate against ethnic groups and undermine ethnic unity;

(2) Do not use this site to engage in illegal and criminal activities such as money laundering, stealing business secrets, stealing personal information;

(3) shall not interfere with the normal operation of this site, and shall not invade this site and the national computer information system;

(4) Not to transmit or publish any illegal, harassing, slandering, abusive, threatening, hurtful, vulgar, obscene, uncivilized information materials;

(5) Do not transmit or publish information or remarks that harm the public interests of the state and the state and involve national security;

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