What happens when the server does not respond when using an overseas HTTP proxy?

The(HTTP代理服务器) "HTTP Proxy Server is not responding" error indicates that the HTTP proxy server the user is using is not responding to requests sent to it by the computer. So, how to solve the overseas(HTTP代理服务器) HTTP proxy when the server does not respond?


First let's look at the reasons why the server may not respond when the HTTP proxy is overseas.

1. Firewall Settings

The firewall may identify the user's agent, causing a hero to the normal operation of the agent, so when using the agent, the user can turn off the firewall to verify that any access-related issues can be resolved.

2. Agent authentication problem

Most agents come with an authentication system that requires account and password authentication. When the agent IP fails to run properly, you can check whether the account secret of the agent program has a problem.

3. Connection error

In normal use, users may occasionally encounter connection errors, which may be caused by ISP problems, server fluctuations, and so on. Users can usually just log off and reconnect when they encounter this problem.

4. Anti-climbing measures

When using crawler to fetch data, if the concurrency is too large or the crawl frequency is too fast, the website server will be restricted, and then the IP will be blocked. In case of such problem, the IP can be directly switched and the crawler concurrency or crawl frequency can be reduced to ensure the normal use of the crawler.

It could also be caused by improper Settings

Let me take a look at the most common error Settings, and solutions

Method 1: Disable the proxy using Internet properties

Step 1: Simultaneously press Win + R to launch the Run dialog box.

When it opens, type inetcpl.cpl and press Enter to launch Internet Properties.

Step 2: First click the Connections TAB.

Next, click the button named LAN settings.

Step 3: In the Local Area Network (LAN) Settings window, select the check box corresponding to auto detection Settings.

Next, uncheck the box for Use a proxy server for your LAN.


When all is done, click the OK button.

Finally, if you are using an overseas(HTTP代理服务器) HTTP proxy and the server does not respond, this time you need to consider whether it is the IP proxy you buy itself, so it is particularly important to choose a good overseas HTTP proxy. Smartproxy, which I often use, has never had a problem with the server not responding to overseas HTTP proxies.

Smartproxy is an overseas HTTP proxy server provider, whose IP can accurately locate the city level and update the IP pool every month. With first-hand IP, SmartProxy serves in the field of big data acquisition and helps enterprises/individuals obtain data sources quickly and efficiently. It is really very cheap and affordable, but the speed is fast and stable.

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