What are the differences between static and dynamic HTTP proxies overseas?

The computer IP address itself does not have dynamic lP and(静态HTTP代理static HTTP proxy, and cannot be distinguished only from the computer IP address.

Generally speaking, home broadband is connected to the Internet using a dynamic computer IP address. When you connect to the Internet, the carrier's DHCP network server can arbitrarily assign an available computer IP address to use. When you disconnect, this computer IP address will be reclaimed by other users or as a backup IP address.


What is a(静态HTTP代理static HTTP proxy?

As the name implies, it remains the same IP address, which can always remain the same state. General Internet service enterprises prefer static HTTP proxies, which are manually assigned IP addresses by ISPs.

What is a dynamic HTTP proxy?

It can be understood that the Internet will use different IP addresses each time, changeable, the domain name provided by the server dynamic will be randomly assigned an IP address, is often temporary change address, dynamic HTTP proxy from the dynamic host configuration protocol server to obtain the address.

Simply put, static HTTP proxies are permanent addresses assigned to devices, while dynamic addresses are temporary addresses that change frequently.

Which of the two performed better?

Advantages of dynamic HTTP proxy

Dynamic HTTP proxy is easy to access and can save ip resources. Because of this, dynamic HTTP proxy can be reused by multiple users. The dynamic HTTP proxy server can automatically configure ip addresses without manual intervention.

Disadvantages of dynamic HTTP proxy

For the WIN system, enabling dynamic HTTP proxy configuration will significantly reduce the speed of accessing the system desktop. Using dynamic HTTP proxy will increase the difficulty of three-layer control. In addition, dynamic HTTP proxy mainly provides external services.


The IP address is not fixed. The rebound Trojan also uses a dynamic domain name. Therefore, the ip address cannot be directly used.

Advantages of(静态HTTP代理static HTTP proxy

A static HTTP proxy has a fixed ip address and can be used as its own website and server. Therefore, a() static HTTP proxy is more stable and easier for users to manage.

Static HTTP proxy disadvantages

One of the major disadvantages of static HTTP proxies is that they are expensive, because static HTTP proxies can only have fixed ip using an online computer, and therefore are also relatively expensive and less secure because the same ip is assigned to the computer.

If the statistical speed of the static proxy is significantly higher than that of the dynamic proxy, the gap is larger than that of the regular static and dynamic HTTP proxy.

Generally speaking, the quality of the dynamic proxy IP pool on the market is uneven, often the use of low network speed IP, and static proxy IP is hung on the server, bandwidth and stability must be better.

Smartproxy is an overseas HTTP proxy server provider, whose IP can accurately locate the city level and update the IP pool every month. With first-hand IP, SmartProxy serves in the field of big data acquisition and helps enterprises/individuals obtain data sources quickly and efficiently. It is really very cheap and affordable, but the speed is fast and stable.

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