What are the Advantages of a self-created proxy IP pool

With the advent of the big data era, proxy IP has become an integral part of many businesses, such as crawler collection, market research, and so on. For experienced proxy IP users, they are more inclined to extract their purchased proxy IP resources and build their own proxy IP pool. There are many advantages to doing this, so let's take a look at what are the advantages of building your own proxy IP pool:

1. According to business development, the extraction method is customized

The self-built proxy IP pool allows users to flexibly change the extraction mode and quantity according to the needs of service development, which increases the flexibility of use. Different service scenarios may require different number of proxy IP addresses. By creating a proxy IP address pool, users can extract proxy IP addresses based on actual requirements, avoiding unnecessary waste and ensuring effective utilization of proxy IP addresses.


2. You can call API to extract proxy IP without limitation

For many proxy IP users, obtaining a proxy IP is usually done through an API interface. Most proxy IP service providers provide API links for users to obtain proxy IP addresses through apis. However, the use of public API interfaces may be subject to some restrictions, the most common being the extract interval restriction. This is because the service provider has to provide services for multiple users, the server is under considerable pressure, in order to ensure the stability and fairness of the service, they will limit the frequency of the user to extract the proxy IP in a certain period of time. As a result, users need to abide by certain interval rules when obtaining proxy IP, which cannot be extracted indefinitely and frequently.

However, this problem can be solved by building your own proxy IP pool. A self-created proxy IP address pool is created solely for a user. The user has the exclusive right to the proxy IP address resources in the pool. As a result, the user is no longer limited by the interval of the public API interface and can call the API without limit to extract the proxy IP. This brings great convenience and flexibility to users, especially for those who need to obtain proxy IP frequently, self-building proxy IP pool is undoubtedly a more feasible choice.

3. Increase the number of authorized multi-user whitelists

Typically, the proxy IP service provider will only provide 1-3 whitelist authorizations, but for some special use cases, this number of authorizations may not be enough. By creating a proxy IP address pool, users can use the API provided by the proxy service provider to obtain proxy IP addresses in the IP address pool that they have created, and then customize the extraction method and extraction quantity. In this way, users can increase the number of multi-user whitelisted authorization to meet special requirements and better support their own services.

4, improve stability and reliability

A self-created proxy IP address pool allows users to share resources exclusively, avoiding problems that may occur when users share resources with other users. Improper use of proxy IP addresses by other users in the public proxy IP address pool may result in the blocking or restriction of proxy IP addresses, which affects the normal access of users. The self-created proxy IP address pool can be managed by users to maintain stability and reliability.

In summary, the self-built proxy IP pool has obvious advantages in providing more flexibility, unlimited proxy IP extraction, increasing the number of multi-user whitelisted authorization, and improving stability and reliability. For those users who have special business needs or high stability requirements, it is worth considering to build a proxy IP pool. By properly planning and managing proxy IP resources, users can better meet different service requirements, improve data collection and access efficiency, and achieve a higher quality Internet experience.

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